Preparation for Practicum

As I near closer to my Professional Experience I am beginning to think of critical questions I must ask the school before I arrive. To be prepared for my classroom context, I must know;

– The students and their diversity.

– The available ICTs in and outside the classroom (esp. library resources)

– The teachers belief of ICT integration

I cannot go to prac and just assume that all teachers are up-to-date in technology and carry the same ideology as me that ICTs should be integrated into teaching as much as possible. So it is essential for me to find out how my prac teacher feels about this.

Other key factors I need to ensure I do is to show my love of teaching, professionalism, positive attitude, initiative, eagerness to learn, and ultimately teach the students using ICTs. Through this prac I aim to make a good relationship with the other teacher and principal. As I near the end of my course it is essential to be thinking about my future and the fact that I am going to experiencing job interviews. I need to be ready.

5 thoughts on “Preparation for Practicum

  1. Hi Sophie,

    Sounds like you are very prepared for prac, which school are you going to? It was interesting to read through your blog, it seems like you know your stuff! The thought of us going for interviews and writing our resumes soon really is scary. You are so right… we have to be ready!

    Good luck, Sarah Benvenuti.

    • Hey Sarah!! How are you?
      I definitely don’t feel ready for prac but its coming whether I am or not 🙂 I’m at a school in Toowoomba near home so that’s nice and handy 🙂 I am very nervous to get out there and start interviewing but hey that’s all part of the game..
      Good luck with the rest of the semester!

      • Im good thanks, so overwhelmed with all this study though! This is only my 3rd semester. Lucky your school is close to you, beauty of Toowoomba I guess!
        Good Luck!

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